Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chili Moon Town 'Rally For Dreams' Updates!

The Chili Moon Town "Rally for Dreams" has changed shape!

Artists Anna Galtarossa & Daniel González will now be hosting their "Rally For Dreams" atop a sequined double-decker bus, touring various Manhattan locations.

Date: Fri, Oct 16, 12pm-2pm

Over the course of a Friday lunch hour, a glittering double-decker bus with multiple brass bands playing on its upper level will drive around the city promoting the power of dreams and the unique talent New Yorkers have to make them come true.

Led by the Hungry March Band and a distinguished soprano, the musicians will play, wearing artist-designed pajamas and animal costumes while riding across the island, driving by Times Square, the Empire State Building, Union Square, Canal Street and Bowery (see map below).

Come and meet us along the way!


Artists Anna Galtarossa & Daniel González started collaborating in 2007 on an ambitious public art project: Chili Moon Town Tour. Debuting in Mexico City on Chapultepec Lake, this floating, utopian city was born with the dream of undertaking a journey to New York City. Millions have made this passage throughout history, inspired by the freedom and possibility that Manhattan and its citizens give to the world.

CITY of DREAMS is curated by Blanca de la Torre with the support of the Italian Cultural Institute of New York and the Mexican Cultural Institute of New York

Please contact Project Managers: Molly O'Rourke and Jeff Hnilicka or visit the Chili Moon Town website for more info...