Thursday, January 24, 2008

Chili Moon Town Tour Productions Installation Shots

More soon, full info on show here...

Seamus Harahan at MuHKA, Antwerp

Seamus Harahan will be featured in a solo presentation at MuHKA (Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst) in Antwerp, Belgium, February 1st - March 9th. The artist will be showcasing a new 2-Channel piece, 'Valley of Jehosephat', alongside 'Holylands' and two recent shorts, 'Samurai' and 'Free As A Bird', on the fifth and sixth floors of the Museum.

The program is the first of a new series of one-person shows titled LONELY AT THE TOP: "The presentations are conceived as a group exhibition which unfolds and spreads out in time, in six chapters. The common thread throughout these chapters is ‘sound’; as a mediator, as a tool for communication, as a political platform, as a mapping of social space and as a relational force."

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Ian Burns in 'Replicant' at Virgil de Voldere Gallery

Ian Burns' great 'The Way We Know It – Lightning Field (2007)' is currently on show as part of the group exhibition 'Replicant' at Virgil de Voldere Gallery in Chelsea. "Rather than brood over a technocratic dystopia, herald clean utopian spaces, or take a reactionary stance on biological and environmental issues such as climate change and bioengineering...", the exhibition, which also includes work by Shane Hope, Gilles Rotzeller, and Scott Wolniak (who could be seen at SBG a few years back as part of the 'Knockabout' show), "...explores potential futures in which imagination, adaptation, and creativity present a positive view of cultural and scientific progress."

Continues through Saturday, February 16, 2008. More details here.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Chili Moon Town Tour Productions at Spencer Brownstone Gallery

Stefan Hirsig's solo show can been seen for two more days (Wednesday 9 and Thursday 10 January) whereupon we will be closed for the installation of Chili Moon Town Tour Productions' 'No Money, No Honey', a riotous collection of new banner paintings and sculptural installations by Italian/Argentinian duo Anna Galtarossa and Daniel González.

Please join us for the opening reception on Wednesday evening, January 16th, and in the meantime, read more about the exhibition here.

Happy New Year!