Thursday, December 7, 2006

Jane South in Artforum

We are delighted to say Jane South's September/October solo show at the gallery is reviewed in this month's (December) issue of Artforum. Click on the image to view the full size article...

Anna Galtarossa’s Chili Moon Town Tour

Anna Galtarossa will be previewing her ‘Chili Moon Town Tour’ at our booth at Art Basel Miami this week. A major project conceived with Daniel Gonzalez to launch at Chapultepec Park, Mexico City during the México Arte Contemporáneo Fair in April 2007, ‘Chili Moon Town Tour’ is ostensibly a floating city constructed in Anna’s trademark agglomeration of junky toys, plastic plants, and flashing and glowing lights (Canal Street stores, stock up you shelves).

At Miami, Anna is seeking investors in this piece of real estate, literally selling off apartments and ad space on her mobile Manhattan. State the artists:

“Chili Moon Town is a city of freedom and a land that knows no boundaries. It is a city that glides on top of the entire evolution of human civilization. It knows no boundaries and it will cross them in its travels. Chili Moon Town sprung from the need of the people of this world and beyond to find new life for their dreams and to preserve the memory of the historical past in a very emotional form. It dreams to take the shape of a floating city in the lake in Chapultepec park of Mexico City. From there it will travel north towards Los Angeles and New York following the most beaten migratory route of the Mexican people when seeking a better life in the United States. But the floating city will also contain life and secrets! There will be a magnificent opening ritual for its welcome to the world and a vessel for those who wish to undertake the journey of initiation to the wonders of the knowledge preserved within the heart of the city itself.”

Chili Moon Town Tour project manager is Andrea Lissoni, in collaboration with Spencer Brownstone Gallery. Please contact us here to put in your bid on a two bedroom, or for more information!

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Jeff Gabel on Staten Island - pics

Couple of shots from Jeff's opening Saturday night...
'STORYlines//Narrative in Drawing' continues at Snug Harbor Cultural Center, Staten Island, New York November 29th - March 25th, 2007